This table is based on a Google Docs spreadsheet for speakers to list their spoken words, and others to review them. If you would like to become a speaker or reviewer, please contact omängum fra'uti on

This table is updated roughly every 5 minutes

All spoken words No wrong Partly reviewed Fully reviewed Words with no recording Words with no correct recording

Sound clipSpeaker WordMeaning Reviews
(source) UM'e'alWorst3/3
(source) UMheyuSpiral3/3
(source) UMaungiaSign, omen3/3
(source) FTfaWith, by means of, using3/3
(source) FTfmiTry, attempt3/3
(source) UMfmiTry, attempt3/3
(source) UMfpxäkìmEnter3/3
(source) FTfra'uEverything3/3
(source) UMfrakrrAlways, all time3/3
(source) UMfrapoEveryone3/3
(source) UMftxeyChoose3/3