This table is based on a Google Docs spreadsheet for speakers to list their spoken words, and others to review them. If you would like to become a speaker or reviewer, please contact omängum fra'uti on

This table is updated roughly every 5 minutes

All spoken words No wrong Partly reviewed Fully reviewed Words with no recording Words with no correct recording

Sound clipSpeaker WordMeaning Reviews
(source) UM'awOne1/3
(source) UM'awkxCliff1/3
(source) OF'awstengyemJoin (two things together)1/3
(source) UM'awveFirst1/3
(source) UM'e'alWorst3/3
(source) UM'efuFeel, sense, percieve1/3
(source) OF'emCook1/3
(source) OF'engengLevel, flat1/3
(source) OF'eoioCeremonious2/3
(source) FT'evengChild1/3
(source) UM'evengChild1/3
(source) UM'eviChild (Diminutive)1/3
(source) UM'ewanYoung1/3
(source) UM'eylanFriend2/3
(source) OF'i'aEnd, conclude2/3
(source) OF'iaLose oneself (Spiritually)2/3
(source) UMheyuSpiral3/3
(source) OF'itBit, small amount2/3
(source) OF'itanSon1/3
(source) OF'iteDaughter1/3
(source) UM'ongUnfold, blossom2/3
(source) OF'uThing (Object, fact, abstraction)1/3
(source) OF'uoSomething1/3
(source) OF'upeWhat (thing)1/3
(source) OF'upxareMessage1/3
(source) OFalaksiReady1/3
(source) OFalìmFar away, at a distance1/3
(source) UMäoUnder/below2/3
(source) OFatanLight, illumination1/3
(source) FTätxäleRequest2/3
(source) OFauDrum (Made from skin)1/3
(source) UMaungiaSign, omen3/3
(source) OFawngaWe, 1st person incl plural1/3
(source) UMayfoThey, 3rd person plural1/3
(source) SVayfoThey, 3rd person plural1/3
(source) OFayngaYou, 2nd person plural1/3
(source) OFayoeWe, 1st person excl plural1/3
(source) UMeanBlue, green2/3
(source) UMemza'uPass (as in a test)1/3
(source) UMeoBefore, in front of2/3
(source) OFeyawrCorrect, right1/3
(source) FTeykLead2/3
(source) UMeyktanLeader2/3
(source) UMeywaNa'vi diety1/3
(source) UMeywa'evengPandora, Eywa's child1/3
(source) FTfaWith, by means of, using3/3
(source) UMfaWith, by means of, using1/3
(source) UMfahewSmell1/3
(source) OFpaTop1/3
(source) OFfayvrrtepThese demons1/3
(source) OFfewiChase1/3
(source) FTfì'uThis (thing)2/3
(source) FTfyaThis (way)1/3
(source) OFkemThis (action)1/3
(source) OFpoThis (person)1/3
(source) OFtrrToday2/3
(source) OFtxanso (this + much)1/3
(source) OFfkewmighty1/3
(source) OFfkoone1/3
(source) OFfkxakeitch1/3
(source) OFfkxenVegetable (Food)1/3
(source) OFfläsucceed1/3
(source) OFflewThroat1/3
(source) OFfmalsustain1/3
(source) OFfmetokTest1/3
(source) FTfmiTry, attempt3/3
(source) UMfmiTry, attempt3/3
(source) SVfngapMetal1/3
(source) UMfnuQuiet, be quiet1/3
(source) UMfoThey, 3rd person plural2/3
(source) OFfpakHold off, suspend action1/3
(source) OFfpe'Send1/3
(source) UMfpeioChallenge (ceremonial)2/3
(source) FTfpiFor the sake of2/3
(source) OFfpìlThink1/3
(source) UMfpomWell-being, peace, happiness1/3
(source) OFfpxafawMedusa (Pandora wildlife)2/3
(source) UMfpxäkìmEnter3/3
(source) FTfra'uEverything3/3
(source) UMfrakrrAlways, all time3/3
(source) UMfrapoEveryone3/3
(source) OFfratoThan all; superlative2/3
(source) OFfratrrEvery day1/3
(source) OFfratsengEverywhere2/3
(source) OFfrìpBite2/3
(source) UMfrrfenVisit2/3
(source) OFfrrtuGuest1/3
(source) OFftangStop1/3
(source) OFftemPass by1/3
(source) OFftxavangPassionate2/3
(source) UMftxeyChoose3/3
(source) FTfuOr2/3
(source) UMfuOr1/3
(source) OFfuriaAbbr (fì'uri a), that1/3
(source) OFfwewLook for, search1/3
(source) UMfya'oPath, way2/3
(source) UMhaSo, in that case2/3
(source) OFhanghamLaugh1/3
(source) FThapxìPart2/3
(source) OFhawlPrepare1/3
(source) UMhawnuProtect, shelter2/3
(source) OFheynSit1/3
(source) OFkrrSecond, very short time1/3
(source) OFhìmtxampeHow much1/3
(source) OFhìmtxanAmount1/3
(source) UMholFew2/3
(source) FThrrapDanger2/3
(source) UMhuWith (Accompaniment)2/3
(source) SVhuWith (Accompaniment)2/3
(source) OFhufwaAlthough (with way)1/3
(source) FThumLeave, depart2/3
(source) UMhumLeave, depart2/3
(source) FTikranPandora creature, banshee2/3
(source) UMikranPandora creature, banshee2/3
(source) OFìläBy, via, following1/3
(source) OFioAbove1/3
(source) UMirayoThanks2/3
(source) OFkä'ärìpPush1/3
(source) OFkaltxìHello1/3
(source) FTkaltxìHello1/3
(source) OFkarTeach1/3
(source) OFkavuk siBetray1/3
(source) UMkawkrrNever1/3
(source) OFkeaNo (Before a noun)1/3
(source) OFkengEven (ex. Didn't even try)1/3
(source) OFkeyawrWrong, incorrect1/3
(source) OFkinamtilKnee1/3
(source) OFkìyevameSee you later1/3
(source) OFkllfro'Be responsible1/3
(source) OFkllDescend1/3
(source) OFkllkxemStand1/3
(source) UMkoSolicit agreement1/3
(source) FTkrrTime2/3
(source) UMkrrTime1/3
(source) FTkrrpeWhat time, when2/3
(source) UMkunsìpGunship (Loan)0/3
(source) UMkxamMiddle2/3
(source) OFkxamThrough (Via the middle of)1/3
(source) UMkxamtsengCenter place1/3
(source) UMkxangangangBoom2/3
(source) FTkxaForbidden2/3
(source) FTkxawmPerhaps, maybe2/3
(source) UMkxawmPerhaps, maybe2/3
(source) OFkxenerSmoke1/3
(source) UMkxeyeyError1/3
(source) UMkxllCharge2/3
(source) OFkxuHarm1/3
(source) UMlaheOther2/3
(source) UMlamSeem, appear1/3
(source) OFlatsiKeep up1/3
(source) UMlawClear, certain2/3
(source) OFlehrrapDangerous1/3
(source) OFlekHeed, obey1/3
(source) OFlenHappen, occur1/3
(source) OFlerìkLeafy1/3
(source) OFletrrtrrOrdinary1/3
(source) OFlew siCover1/3
(source) UM'fyaLanguage1/3
(source) UM'uWord1/3
(source) OFlì'upeWhat word1/3
(source) OFlìmFar, be far1/3
(source) SVluBe2/3
(source) OFlukeWithout1/3
(source) UMlunReason2/3
(source) UMma(Vocative marker)2/3
(source) FTmaktoRide1/3
(source) UMmefoThey two, 3rd person dual2/3
(source) OFmenariTwo eyes1/3
(source) OFmevolSixteen (0o20)1/3
(source) OFmevolawSeventeen (0o21)1/3
(source) UMmiYet, still1/3
(source) SVmiYet, still1/3
(source) FTIn1/3
(source) OFkamBetween1/3
(source) UMmikyunEar1/3
(source) UMmipNew2/3
(source) OFsoAway1/3
(source) OFmllteAgree1/3
(source) UMmoeUs, 1st person dual excl2/3
(source) UMmokriVoice2/3
(source) UMmrrFive2/3
(source) UMmuneTwo2/3
(source) OFmungwrrExcept1/3
(source) OFmuntxaMated1/3
(source) OFmuntxa siMate1/3
(source) FTnaLike, as2/3
(source) UMnaLike, as2/3
(source) OFna'rìngForest1/3
(source) UMna'viThe people (Pandora natives)2/3
(source) OFnäkDrink1/3
(source) UMnangSurprise, exclamation2/3
(source) OFnantangViperwolf (Pandora wildlife)1/3
(source) UMnariEye2/3
(source) UMnawmGreat, noble2/3
(source) FTneTo, towards2/3
(source) UMneTo, towards2/3
(source) SVneTo, towards2/3
(source) FTnekxBurn, consume2/3
(source) UMnekxBurn, consume1/3
(source) OFnemfaInto1/3
(source) OFnetoAway (Direction)1/3
(source) UMnewWant2/3
(source) UMngaYou, 2nd person singular1/3
(source) FTngawngPandora wildlife, worm2/3
(source) UMngawngPandora wildlife, worm2/3
(source) UMngayTrue2/3
(source) OFngianHowever1/3
(source) OFngopCreate1/3
(source) UMngrrRoot2/3
(source) UMnguwayHowl2/3
(source) OFnì'eoioCeremoniously1/3
(source) OFnì'itBit, small amount (Abstract)1/3
(source) OFniäGrab1/3
(source) OFnìawnomumAs is known1/3
(source) OFnìayoengLike us, as we do1/3
(source) OFftavangPassionately1/3
(source) OFftueEasily1/3
(source) OFfya'oIn the manner1/3
(source) OFhawngToo, excessively1/3
(source) OFnìk'ongSlowly1/3
(source) OFnikreHair1/3
(source) OFnìltsanWell1/3
(source) OFmunAgain1/3
(source) OFngayTruly1/3
(source) OFpximErectly, upright1/3
(source) OFrangalWish (Contrary to fact)1/3
(source) OFtamEnough (After adj.)1/3
(source) OFtengToo, also1/3
(source) OFnitramHappy1/3
(source) OFtutContinually1/3
(source) OFtxanMuch (Abstract)1/3
(source) OFwinQuickly1/3
(source) OFwotxAll of, completely1/3
(source) OFzawnongSafely1/3
(source) OFnongFollow, proceed after1/3
(source) OFnulkrrLonger (time)1/3
(source) OFnulnewPrefer1/3
(source) UMnumeLearn1/3
(source) OFoeMe, 1st person singular1/3
(source) UMoengUs, 1st person dual incl2/3
(source) OFoeykCause1/3
(source) OFoeyktìngExplain (why)1/3
(source) UMoheMe, 1st person singular ceremonial2/3
(source) OFolo'Clan1/3
(source) UMolo'eyktanClan leader1/3
(source) OFontuNose1/3
(source) OFpa'liDirehorse (Pandora wildlife)1/3
(source) UMhemArrive1/3
(source) UMpalulukanPandora wildlife, Thanator2/3
(source) UMpamSound1/3
(source) OFpamrelWriting1/3
(source) OFpamrel siTo write1/3
(source) OFpamtseoMusic, sound art1/3
(source) OFpamtseotuMusician1/3
(source) OFpängkxoChat, converse1/3
(source) OFnutìngPromise (a thing to someone)1/3
(source) OFpateGet to a place, arrive1/3
(source) OFtsìBadge1/3
(source) OFpayWater, liquid1/3
(source) OFpe'unDecide1/3
(source) OFpefyaWhat way, how1/3
(source) OFpehemWhat action1/3
(source) OFpehrrWhat time, when1/3
(source) OFpelunWhat reason, why1/3
(source) UMpengTell1/3
(source) OFpesengWhat place, where1/3
(source) OFpesuWhat person, who1/3
(source) OFpeuWhat thing1/3
(source) OFpewnNeck1/3
(source) UMpeyWait, wait for1/3
(source) OFpiak siOpen1/3
(source) OFpìmtxanHow much1/3
(source) OFplltxeSpeak1/3
(source) OFpomKiss1/3
(source) OFponguGroup, party1/3
(source) OFprrnenInfant, baby1/3
(source) UMprrte'Pleasing (Activity)2/3
(source) OFprrwllMoss1/3
(source) UMpxanWorthy2/3
(source) OFpxasìkObscenity (Screw that)1/3
(source) UMpxasulFresh, appealing as food2/3
(source) OFpxawAround1/3
(source) FTpxayMany2/3
(source) UMpxayMany2/3
(source) UMpxelLike, as2/3
(source) UMpxeyThree2/3
(source) UMpxiSharp2/3
(source) OFpximErect, upright1/3
(source) OFpxorExplode1/3
(source) UMpxunArm1/3
(source) OFrä'äDo not (Neg. imperative)1/3
(source) OFralMeaning1/3
(source) OFralpengInterpret1/3
(source) OFrangalWish1/3
(source) OFrawkeAlarm cry1/3
(source) OFre'oHead1/3
(source) OFrelImage, picture1/3
(source) OFreltseoVisual art1/3
(source) OFreltseotuArtist1/3
(source) OFrenuPattern1/3
(source) OFreyLive1/3
(source) OFrìkLeaf1/3
(source) FTrikxMoe, shift position1/3
(source) OFrimYellow1/3
(source) OFritiStingbat (Pandora wildlife)1/3
(source) OFrolSing1/3
(source) OFronsemMind1/3
(source) OFrumBall1/3
(source) OFrunFind, discover1/3
(source) OFruseyLiving1/3
(source) OFrutxePlease1/3
(source) OFsa'nokMother1/3
(source) OFsa'nuMother (Diminutive)1/3
(source) OFfpìlThought, idea1/3
(source) OFsalewProceed, go1/3
(source) OFsanBegin quote1/3
(source) OFnumeTeachings, instructions1/3
(source) OFsarUse1/3
(source) OFspxinDisease1/3
(source) OFsatThat (After ftu only)1/3
(source) OFsempuFather (Dimunitive)1/3
(source) OFsempulFather1/3
(source) FTsetNow1/3
(source) OFsevinPretty (People)1/3
(source) OFsi(Aux verb)1/3
(source) OFAnd1/3
(source) OFsìkEnd quote1/3
(source) OFsìlpeyHope1/3
(source) OFsìlronsemClever (thing)1/3
(source) OFsìltsanGood1/3
(source) OFsimNear, be near1/3
(source) OFska'aDestroy1/3
(source) FTskxawngMoron2/3
(source) OFsläBut1/3
(source) OFsleykuProduce1/3
(source) OFsluBecome1/3
(source) OFsngapSting1/3
(source) OFsngelGarbage1/3
(source) OFsngeltsengGarbage place1/3
(source) OFsnumìnaDim (of a person)1/3
(source) OFsomHot1/3
(source) OFsopTravel1/3
(source) OFspäJump1/3
(source) OFspawBelieve1/3
(source) OFspe'eCapture1/3
(source) OFspe'etuCaptive1/3
(source) OFspengRestore1/3
(source) OFspulePropel1/3
(source) OFspxinSick1/3
(source) FTsrak(e)Yes/no question1/3
(source) OFsranYeah (Short form of yes)1/3
(source) OFsraneYes1/3
(source) OFsreBefore (time)1/3
(source) OFsre'Tooth1/3
(source) OFsrewDance0/3
(source) FTsrungHelp, assistance1/3
(source) OFsrung siHelp, assist0/3
(source) OFstä'nìCatch0/3
(source) OFstawmHear0/3
(source) OFsteftxawExamine, check0/3
(source) OFsteykiAnger, make someone angry0/3
(source) OFstiAngry, be angry0/3
(source) OFstoRefuse (Action)0/3
(source) OFstumAlmost0/3
(source) OFsungAdd0/3
(source) OFsutxTrack, follow, lock up?0/3
(source) OFswawMoment0/3
(source) OFsweyBest0/3
(source) OFswiCreature0/3
(source) OFswizawArrow0/3
(source) OFswokSacred0/3
(source) OFswotuSacred place0/3
(source) OFswotuluSacred river0/3
(source) OFsyäBitter0/3
(source) OFsyawCall0/3
(source) OFsyepTrap0/3
(source) OFsyulangFlower0/3
(source) FTtaFrom1/3
(source) OFta'emFrom above0/3
(source) OFtafkipFrom up among0/3
(source) OFtafralTherefore, because of that0/3
(source) OFftxuWeave0/3
(source) OFftxuyuWeaver0/3
(source) OFtakukStrike0/3
(source) OFtalioangSturmbeast (Pandora wildlife)0/3
(source) OFtalun(a)Because, from the reason0/3
(source) OFtamSuffice, do0/3
(source) OFtangekTrunk (of a tree)0/3
(source) OFtanStar0/3
(source) OFtanStar / bioluminescent freckle0/3
(source) OFtaronHunt0/3
(source) OFtaronyuHunter0/3
(source) OFtatepLose0/3
(source) OFtxawReturn0/3
(source) OFtawSky0/3
(source) OFtaweyk(a)Because, based on the cause0/3
(source) OFtawngDuck, dive0/3
(source) OFtawsìpSky ship (Loan word)0/3
(source) OFte(Used in full names)0/3
(source) OFteiPlains0/3
(source) SVtelRecieve1/3
(source) OFtelemCord0/3
(source) OFtemShoot0/3
(source) OFtengsame0/3
(source) OFtengfyaSame way0/3
(source) OFtengkrrSame time0/3
(source) OFteriAbout, concerning0/3
(source) OFterkupDie0/3
(source) OFteswotìngGrant0/3
(source) OFtewtiWow0/3
(source) OFteyaFull0/3
(source) OFteyluPandora wildlife, beatle larvae0/3
(source) OFtì'awm siCamp0/3
(source) OFtì'eyngAnswer0/3
(source) OFfmetokTest0/3
(source) OFftangStopping0/3
(source) OFtìfyawìntxuGuidance0/3
(source) OFhawnuProtection0/3
(source) OFkangkemWork0/3
(source) OFkangkem siWork0/3
(source) OFkawngEvil0/3
(source) OFkenongExample0/3
(source) OFkinNeed0/3
(source) OFtilJoint, hinge0/3
(source) OFtìngGive0/3
(source) OFtìng mikyunListen, give ear0/3
(source) OFtìng nariLook, give eye0/3
(source) OFtìng tsengBack down, give place0/3
(source) OFngayTruth0/3
(source) OFpawmQuestion0/3
(source) OFranWalk0/3
(source) OFtireafya'oSpirit path0/3
(source) OFtireaioangSpirit animal0/3
(source) OFreyLife0/3
(source) OFrolSong0/3
(source) OFspxinState of being ill0/3
(source) OFsraw seykiHurt0/3
(source) OFsraw siHurt, be painful0/3
(source) OFtakukStrike0/3
(source) OFtxurStrength0/3
(source) OFyawnLove0/3
(source) OFto(Comparative)0/3
(source) FTtokBe at, occupy a space1/3
(source) OFtoktorDoctor (Title, loaned)0/3
(source) OFtokxBody0/3
(source) OFtoltemShoot0/3
(source) OFtompaRain0/3
(source) OFtoruk maktoToruk rider0/3
(source) OFtrrDay0/3
(source) OFtrramYesterday0/3
(source) OFtrrayTomorrow0/3
(source) OFtsä'Squirt0/3
(source) FTtsa'uThat thing1/3
(source) OFtsaheyl siBond with0/3
(source) OFtsaheyluBond, neural link0/3
(source) OFtsahìkSpiritual leader, matriarch0/3
(source) FTtsakemThat action0/3
(source) FTtsakrrThat time, then1/3
(source) OFtsamWar0/3
(source) OFtsamponguWar party0/3
(source) OFtsamsiyuWarrior0/3
(source) OFtsap'aluteApology0/3
(source) OFtsap'alute siApologize0/3
(source) OFtsatsengThat place, there0/3
(source) OFtsatuThat person0/3
(source) OFtsawkeSun0/3
(source) OFtsawlBig (In stature), tall0/3
(source) OFtsawl sluGrow0/3
(source) OFtse'aSee (Physically)0/3
(source) OFtseng(e)Place0/3
(source) OFtsengoSomewhere0/3
(source) OFtsengpeWhat place, where0/3
(source) OFtseoArt0/3
(source) OFtskalepCrossbow0/3
(source) OFtskoBow (Weapon)0/3
(source) OFtsko swizawBow and arrow0/3
(source) OFtskxeRock, stone0/3
(source) OFtskxekengTraining, exercise0/3
(source) OFtslamUnderstand0/3
(source) OFtslengFalse0/3
(source) OFtslolamGot it, I understand0/3
(source) OFtsmukSibling0/3
(source) OFtsmukanBrother0/3
(source) OFtsmukeSister0/3
(source) OFtsmuktuSibling0/3
(source) OFtsngawvìkCry, weep0/3
(source) OFtsnìThat0/3
(source) FTtspangKill1/3
(source) OFtsrantenMatter, be of importance0/3
(source) OFtsre'iThrow0/3
(source) OFtstewBrave0/3
(source) OFtstu siClose0/3
(source) OFtstxoName0/3
(source) OFtsuksìmChin0/3
(source) OFtsunCan, be able to0/3
(source) OFtsunsluMay, be possible0/3
(source) OFtsurokxRest0/3
(source) OFtswayonFly0/3
(source) OFtsyalWing0/3
(source) OFtsyoFlour0/3
(source) OFtukruSpear0/3
(source) SVtulRun1/3
(source) OFtungAllow0/3
(source) OFtungzupDrop0/3
(source) FTtupeWhat person, who0/3
(source) OFtut(Continuation marker)0/3
(source) OFtutanMale person0/3
(source) OFtutePerson0/3
(source) OFtuteFemale person0/3
(source) OFtuteoSomeone0/3
(source) OFtuvonLean0/3
(source) OFtxalBack (Of the body)0/3
(source) OFtxanGreat, much, many0/3
(source) OFtxantsanExcellent0/3
(source) OFtxantslusamWise0/3
(source) OFtxe'lanHeart1/3
(source) OFtxeleMatter (Subject)0/3
(source) OFtxenAwake0/3
(source) OFtxepFire0/3
(source) OFtxepviSpark0/3
(source) OFtxewkClub (Weapon)0/3
(source) OFtxeyHalt0/3
(source) OFtxìmButt, rear end0/3
(source) OFtxìngLeave, abandon0/3
(source) FTtxoIf1/3
(source) OFtxoaForgiveness0/3
(source) OFtxokefyawIf not, or else0/3
(source) OFtxonNight0/3
(source) OFtxon'ongEvening0/3
(source) OFtxopuFear0/3
(source) OFtxopu siBe afraid0/3
(source) OFtxulaBuild, construct0/3
(source) OFtxumPoison0/3
(source) OFtxurStrong0/3
(source) OFulteAnd0/3
(source) OFultxarunEncounter, meeting by chance0/3
(source) OFunilDream0/3
(source) OFuniltìrantokxAvatar, dreamwalker body0/3
(source) OFuniltìranyuDreamwalker0/3
(source) OFuoBehind0/3
(source) OFutralTree0/3
(source) OFuvanGame0/3
(source) OFuvan siPlay0/3
(source) OFAgainst (Oppose)0/3
(source) OFvayUp to0/3
(source) FTvayUp to1/3
(source) OFvaykrrUntil0/3
(source) OFviSpread, proliferate0/3
(source) OFvrrtepDemon0/3
(source) OFvulBranch (of a tree)0/3
(source) OFwaySong0/3
(source) OFwaytelemSong chord0/3
(source) OFwemFight0/3
(source) OFweynDraw, illustrate0/3
(source) OFwinFast0/3
(source) OFwin säpiHurry1/3
(source) OFwin siRush something, make something fast1/3
(source) OFwìntxuShow0/3
(source) FTwrrpaOutside1/3
(source) OFwutsoDinner, served meal0/3
(source) OFyaAir0/3
(source) OFyänFasten, tie down0/3
(source) OFyawneBeloved0/3
(source) OFye'rìnSoon0/3
(source) OFyemPut, place0/3
(source) OFyerikHexapede (Pandora wildlife)0/3
(source) OFyeyStraight0/3
(source) OFyìmBind0/3
(source) FTyìmBind1/3
(source) OFyolShort (Period of time)0/3
(source) OFyolShort (Period of time)0/3
(source) OFyomEat0/3
(source) OFyomhì'angInsect eater (Pandora flora)0/3
(source) OFyomioangChalice plant (Pandora flora)0/3
(source) OFyomtìngFeed0/3
(source) OFyurWash1/3
(source) OFza'ärìpPull1/3
(source) OFza'uCome2/3
(source) FTza'uCome1/3
(source) OFzamungeBring2/3
(source) OFzawngScream1/3
(source) OFzekFinger1/3
(source) OFzeneMust1/3
(source) OFzenkeMust not1/3
(source) OFsìtYear1/3
(source) OFzongSave, defend1/3
(source) OFzongtsengSafe place, refuge1/3
(source) OFzoploOffense, insult1/3
(source) OFzupFall1/3
(source) OFzusawkrrFuture, in the future0/3