Kimberly ShadowRose

- Editor of Pangea, International Writers Magaizine

"Locked in a world of my own choosing You entered. With gentle words, you unlocked my self-impossed cell. In the jagged doorway you stood, tilting your head to one side. " Who is your keeper?" you asked. When I said I had none, you became mine."

You are in a large circular room that has been fashioned into the hollow of a black walnut tree. The walls merge seamlessly with the ceiling and the wood has been smoothed and varnished to reveal the dark original wood grain. One could actually come close to finding out just how ancient this tree is by counting the rings as they reach out from the center of the room in concentric circles.

The wilderness stretches out before you when you look through any of the several windows, which are framed by overhanging dark ivy on the outside and blue velvet curtains trimmed with purple on the inside. The wooden front door, graced with fleur-de-lis bronze door handles, has three long vertical, faceted lead-glass panels. A rustic fireplace with a crackling fire is centered on the opposite side of the room. The floor has been carpeted with something that feels like crushed velvet under your paws and meets your eyes with deep, rich earth tones.

Lighting is provided by several polished brass, kerosene lamps, with 'Wisteria' tiffany shades. A walnut dining set sits in a breakfast nook off to one side and a comfortable sofa and chairs, upholstered in butter-soft fabric that matches the curtains is in the middle of the room. There is a small wooden coffee table with a old PHOTO ALBUM resting upon it. Next to that lies a parchment of paper. The following is nicely scripted..

You read my soul like a book, but asked
what I did with the missing pages.
" I lost them." I said.
" I will help you find them." you offered
"I have forgotten how to read." I said
"I will help you relearn." you offered
"But I dont know where to start." I said
"You start from the beginning." You said
"Where is that?" I inquired
"With Love..." You offered.

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