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Tired of all those buttons advertising this or that web browser? Want to show them the best web browser is any that does what you need? Then this is for you!

Just download this image to your HTML directory and download this HTML code to add to the end of your webpages! If you want, you can email me your URL and I'll add it to my list of webpages best if viewed with EYES!

June 24th, 1998

The eyes campaign was down for a long while, but is back in business now. However I no longer have the list of pages best viewed with eyes. (Which was never fully HTMLized anyway) So, once again, if your page is best viewed with eyes, mail me the URL and I'll add it to the list!

I have gotten many questions and comments about this page. Perhaps enough to warrnet a short FAQ, so here it is.

Q. If you're advocating browser independance, why do you use graphical browser extensions?
A. I am not advocating browser independance. I am just not advocating advocation free advertising for web browsers, or making web pages for a specific browser.

Q. So how do you recommend making web pages?
A. I am no web design professional, but I have always felt that pages should be reasonably usable in any environment. This does not prevent the use of certain things, just don't make them a required part of the web page. Take my web pages for an example. I do use graphics, even in the body of the pages, but I always provide alternate text that makes it so you don't even notice the lack of an image.

Q. What about blind people?
A. This is something that had not even crossed my mind. However, as this whole thing was meant as a sort of parody, I have not changed it. I do not mean any offense to anyone who is visually challenged, and if someone is willing to make an appropriate logo, I would gladly add it to my list.

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- Webpage by Tiger (

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